Richie was born in 1977 in Elgin, Scotland and began writing poetry and short stories after taking the course in Creative Writing at the Open University.

A lover of poetic form, rhythm and rhyme, Richie began taking part in the open mic sessions at both the Demented Eloquence and Books and Beans poetry evenings and soon became a regular face in and around Aberdeen poetry events, eventually becoming host of his own Per-Verse! Nights in the city's Cellar 35 venue.

In 2014, he appeared at the StAnza poetry festival as a part of the Saturday night slam event and, later that year, his debut poetry pamphlet 'Travel with my Rants' was published by Blue Salt.

Richie is a current member of Aberdeenshire Apothecaries and Aberdeen Writers' Studio writing groups and is a former chair of Aberdeen's Lemon Tree Writers.

He is currently working on his first novel for children.

Richie lives in North Aberdeenshire with his wife, Cat, and two other cats - Frank and Tilly.

Got ten minutes? Why not enjoy one of my stories?

Try poetry (as opposed to "Try, Poe, Try" which is what Edgar Allan's teacher used to say)

My work has been published in...

Online magazine
April 2017

Story : 'The Jellyman Cometh'

Open Mic
October 2016

Poem: 'Secret Secret Lemonade Drinker'

Picaroon Poetry
Issue 3
July 2016

Poem : 'Soul Music'

Funny in 500
Online magazine
February 2016

Flash Fiction: 'The Replica'

White Wings of Delight
September 2015

Poem: 'Had Your Chips'

Frost on the Tassie
November 2014

Story: 'Santa Sells Out'
Poem: 'Christmas Curmudgeon'

Travel with my Rants
September 2014

Twenty six poems

Buy it here

Warm Shadows
November 2012

Story: 'The Turn of the Scrooge'
Poems: 'Temperance i' and 'Temperance ii'

What others say about my work

"Modern life is not so much mysterious and metaphysical in the poems of Richie Brown but is more of a maze or minefield of tragi-comedy, booze - a place where the air is humming with wee jokes waiting to be plucked and presented. .... The overall sense of Travels with my Rants by Richie Brown is that of an evening in the pub, listening to a poet who is only going to brighten your senses. .... Indeed, it stings a little of the domestic tragedies so enjoyed by some of the Liverpool poets, and Dad's Last Dance is hilarious and moving, and perfectly worthy of that generation. .... The collection then is playful and its author enjoys the ridiculous, not so much that he never makes his point clearly." Scottish Books review of 'Travel with my Rants' : Link
"Richie Brown tends to class himself as a performance poet. I would suggest he's got a lot more to offer than mere performance. Whilst he can strut and trade his charms on the ivory stages with the best of them, he is also a very good page poet (i.e. someone who writes well, as well). He has an eye for a title, a pun and a clever turn of phrase, whilst his other eye is winking knowingly at you. Equally adept at formal poems and free verse, he has a Cutleresque skew on life that surprises and amuses by turns. He's got a lot of poetic potential in his locker. All he's lacking is a harmonium." Eddie Gibbons blurb for 'Travel with my Rants'
"Travel with my Rants is a confident and impressive first collection, and Richie does it full justice in his characterful performance, making for a highly entertaining and enjoyable evening out. Do seek out the book! You won't be disappointed!" Haworth Hodgkinson on the launch of 'Travel with my Rants' : Link
"Richie's well-known in Aberdeen for his tiny A6 Whiffy Tidings pamphlets incorporating sometimes insouciantly filthy short stories and irreverent formal poetry but here, Dad's Last Dance is more compassionate .... a scene redolent of Dennis Potter." Richard Tyrone Jones on 'Warm Shadows' : Link
"A tranche of the daft neo-Dickensian, with lots of vivid imagination at work." Jonathan Falla on 'Warm Shadows' : Link
"Perhaps the climax of the humour (excuse the pun) or the pooh on the shoe (for you doggy fetishists) was Richie Brown's A Shaggy Dog story. More than a slight detour from the Ronnie Corbett school of shaggy dogs, but a flawless gem of comic timing." Catriona Yule on 'A Shaggy Dog' at 'Blaze o' Glory'