The Jellyman Cometh
Just who is The Tidsbury Gooser?
9th April 2017

Back in 2013, we spent an evening in Macduff watching performances from the late John Mackie and The Oxbow Lake Band, quaffing several glasses of a tasty Cabernet Sauvignon.  I’m not sure if it was the wine, or the extraordinary show that inspired me to read a local sign for “Gellymill Road” and go on a long flight of bonkers imagination during the journey home.  However, by the time we arrived back in Aberdeen, I had pieced together an exchange between my fictional self and some bloke who wants to read my meter.  Not gas, nor electric, but jelly.

I performed the piece at both the Lemon Tree Writers’ “Lemon Zest 2” show and during one of my own Per-Verse! shows and the audiences seemed to like it.  It took several submissions, however, before I found a publisher to give it a home.  Step forward madcap US website!

You can read the story for yourself below:

Decasp: The Jellyman Cometh