My Family Tree
Pushing Out the Boat Issue 14.
30th April 2017

Pushing Out the Boat, without a hint of Carlsberg sarcasm, claim to be “probably the best regional literary magazine in Scotland”.  And, probably, they are.  That’s why I’m delighted that my poem ‘My Family Tree’ has been included in their fourteenth issue.

The issue launched at the Phoenix Hall, Newton Dee on 30th April and I was first to take to the stage and read my piece.  Host Ian Crockatt introduced me in my own words “my debut pamphlet contains a total of twenty one puns” and I gave my twenty one pun salute before reading out my poem to, I’m pleased to say, a lightly chuckling audience.

Pushing Out the Boat 14 cast

The cast of Pushing Out the Boat issue 14.  I’m keeking out in the back row behind artist Lady Thornfield whose painting sits alongside my poem in the magazine.

The poem came about through a prompt at one of our Apothecaries meetings last year.  As we were leaving Aden Country Park (where we can often be found meeting), Haworth led us to an ancient and very interesting tree.  And that became our prompt for the next meeting: “an interesting tree”.  Well, what can be more interesting than your own family tree?  Especially when it’s 100% made up!

Listen to me reading ‘My Family Tree’ below:

Copies of Pushing Out the Boat can be found in various stockists in Aberdeen or from their website.