Frost on the Tassie
Santa Sells Out and The Christmas Curmudgeon
8th November 2014

As the outgoing chair of Lemon Tree Writers, my final – and most enjoyable – task is to launch our Christmas anthology.  ‘Frost on the Tassie’ is a collection of festive poetry and short stories from our current roster.

For my part, I have a short story – Santa Sells Out, in which the North Pole is hit by the Elf Inspector at the wrong time of the year.  Santa has no choice but to get into bed with a corporate drinks giant or Christ max may be cancelled! – and a poem – Christmas Curmudgeon, a character so grumpy and full of anti-Christmas bile, he makes Ebenezer Scrooge look like George Bailey.

Frost on the Tassie is published by Lemon Tree Writers and is available from the group via their website.