Two works collide
Which inbox did this come into exactly?
26th July 2017

I rarely mention the day job and of course there IS a day job: poetry and short stories don’t pay much and mine exemplify that spectacularly. My day job involves developing web content for Wood Group in Aberdeen and that content is usually industry-specific and dry.  However, now and then a story drifts into one work inbox that I would have expected to see in the other.

Wood Group are one of the sponsors of a new exhibition from Seven Stories ‘Comics – explore and create comic art’ at the National Centre for Children’s Books in Newcastle.  The exhibition will introduce comic art to children (and reintroduce it to big kids) with a view to encouraging further reading and creativity.

Although Wood Group have taken the more popular “superhero” route in their news item, I’m pleased that the exhibition gives equal weighting to classic British comics such as The Beano, The Dandy, Oor Wullie and The Broons.  I cannot downplay the influence these have had on my own work and so it is heartening to see them revered here alongside Hollywood’s muscle-bound crime-fighters.  I still recall, as a seven year old, telling my Mum that I would still be reading the Beano in my 40s – and I can proudly say that I am.