National Poetry Day Challenge 2016
Three new poems written on the hoof!
6th October 2016

It’s National Poetry Day once again and time for my annual challenge on Twitter for themes to write short poems on during the day.

First this year is a request for a poem about Elgin – which happens to be my home town – from Shelagh Toonen.



When you hear the Elgin local speak
in glottal stops and garbles
it seems it isn’t just the Greeks
who’ve gone and lost their marbles


Next, Mark McPherson would like a poem about the rock band Faith No More.


Big Jim’s Lament

“If I’d been in charge in Faith No More,”
said bitter old Jim Martin.
“I’d have made sure Gould was ridiculed
and chucked Bottum out for farting.”


Finally, my American chum Caleb Echterling would like a poem about Earwigs and, given the US election fever right now, it can’t help but be influenced by that, can it?



When called a “near-wig”, Donald Trump
was later heard to say:
“All insects are exempt from tax
so I don’t have toupee.”