Where you can read my work

My short stories and poems have been published by various national and international magazines, anthologies and websites. You can click the links below to read or order them.

My first poetry pamphlet 'Travel with my Rants' was published in 2014 by Blue Salt and you can find out more about it by clicking on the cover to the right.

Midnight Means Midnight

Short story published in Scottish Book Trust: Nourish on 3rd June 2017

Each year the Scottish Book Trust ask writers to submit stories on a given theme, with some of the most popular stories collected in a publication for Book Week Scotland in November. This year’s theme is “Nourish”.  Suitably broad, yes, but for me there was no choice but to go down the route of feasting: …

My Family Tree

Poem published in Pushing Out the Boat #14 on 30th April 2017

Pushing Out the Boat, without a hint of Carlsberg sarcasm, claim to be “probably the best regional literary magazine in Scotland”.  And, probably, they are.  That’s why I’m delighted that my poem ‘My Family Tree’ has been included in their fourteenth issue. The issue launched at the Phoenix Hall, Newton Dee on 30th April and …

The Jellyman Cometh

Short story published in Decasp on 4th April 2017

Back in 2013, we spent an evening in Macduff watching performances from the late John Mackie and The Oxbow Lake Band, quaffing several glasses of a tasty Cabernet Sauvignon.  I’m not sure if it was the wine, or the extraordinary show that inspired me to read a local sign for “Gellymill Road” and go on …

Secret Secret Lemonade Drinker

Poem published in Poetry at Books and Beans: Open Mic on 27th October 2016

The Poetry night at Books and Beans has run on the last Thursday of each month for over thirteen years now featuring both new and established writers in guest spots and a whole host of Aberdeen’s poets in the Open Mic session. This year the organisers put out a call for submissions for work that …

Soul Music

Poem published in Picaroon Poetry #3 on 24th July 2016

I am delighted my poem ‘Soul Music’ has been published in issue three of the fine online poetry journal Picaroon Poetry. ‘Soul Music’ explores the strange effect that celebrity death has on our listening habits. At Princess Diana’s funeral in 1997, Elton John played a new version of his hit ‘Candle in the Wind’ changing …

Gnu Shoes

Short story published in The Donut Factory Spring 2016 on 18th April 2016

Some of my stories are odd. They may not start out meaning to be odd, but they inevitably end up laa-laa and more straitjacket than book jacket. This may limit the number of publications for me to submit them to, but if a story’s good then it’s good, right? Right. But every now and again …

The Replica

Short story published in Funny in Five Hundred on 4th February 2016

Webzine Funny in Five Hundred have been good enough to publish my story ‘The Replica’ in / on their hallowed pages this month. I’m quite thrilled as I always thought this quirky, loosely science fiction story deserved to be enjoyed by more than the handful of people who turned up to hear me read it …

Had Your Chips

Poem published in White Wings of Delight on 28th September 2015

I have a poem featured in the pamphlet White Wings of Delight, a new collection of seagull-inspired poems put together by Elizabeth Reinach and Keith Murray that was launched last week with all proceeds going to the RSPB. Keith and Elizabeth are huge fans of Aberdeen’s native birds and believe they receive a hard rap …

Pommes de Terre

Short story published in Scottish Book Trust: Journeys on 30th June 2015

Today is your last chance to submit a story to the Scottish Book Trust’s “Journeys” project. For the past couple of months they have invited people from all walks of Scottish life to submit up to 1000 words about a “journey” – physical or emotional. Their favourites will be published in a collection to be …

Frost on the Tassie

Short story and poem published in Frost on the Tassie on 8th November 2014

As the outgoing chair of Lemon Tree Writers, my final – and most enjoyable – task is to launch our Christmas anthology.  ‘Frost on the Tassie’ is a collection of festive poetry and short stories from our current roster. For my part, I have a short story – Santa Sells Out, in which the North …

Warm Shadows

Poetry and a short story published in Warm Shadows on 17th November 2012

My debut publishing comes in the Lemon Tree Writers four-hander chapbook ‘Warm Shadows’ along with Marie Joaquim, Helen Elizabeth Ramsey and Martin Walsh. My contributions to the collection are three poems – ‘Temperance i’ and ‘Temperance ii’, sonnets concerning the ‘evils of alcohol’, and ‘Dad’s Last Dance’, a (I’m glad to say) fictional account of …